Building a Cherry 3D Printer

Recently I started building my own 3D printer with the help of some awesome people I got to know at “De Jonge Onderzoekers” in my home town Groningen. Over there they have a 3D printing club where people build their own printers and share knowledge. At some point they offered others the possibility to build a printer with their support and this is where I started as well.

Although some small modifications are made it is basically the Cherry 3D ( Apparently, the design is built by a 16-year-old kid. Very impressive.  It also is a pretty interesting design because a lot of parts for it are 3D printed, so to some extent you could say it is a 3D printed 3D printer!


I made a lot of progress at this point, but I a haven’t printed anything yet. The X and Y axes are working perfectly. The Z-axis works as well now, but that one has given me enough trouble to describe in a seperate blog post.

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